115 VAC 20 GPM Oil Transfer Pump, 2 HP, Bronz Pump EA

115 VAC 20 GPM Oil Transfer Pump, 2 HP, Bronz Pump EA

Product ID: 33223 Category: Electric Pumps Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct

Pump is ideal for transferring larger quantities of light weight oil(up to 165 cps), hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid and antifreezeincluding 50/50. The bronze construction allows this pump to beused for bulk transfer of premix antifreeze as well as otherwater based fluids.

Pump system includes 2 HP 115/230 VAC motor, 20 GPM pumpw/1"� NPTF inlet/outlet, 30 mesh inlet strainer, heavy duty rotaryON/OFF switch and 25"™ of 12 gauge, 3 wire grounded power cord.

If this pump is intended for applications where the dischargeflow can be shut off, a bypass valve must be installed to preventpump and/or motor damage. Order P/N 950057 separately(shown below) for this purpose. Bypass flow should be directedback into tank to prevent fluid and pump from overheating.

Note: Use for pumping non-flammable fluids.

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