12 VDC, Oil Transfer Pump w/ Suction Pipe,Hose

12 VDC, Oil Transfer Pump w/ Suction Pipe,Hose

Product ID: 560087 Category: Electric Pumps Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct

This 12 VDC gerotor pump has 4 GPM flow rate, die cast aluminum pump housing and provides self priming capability. Pump max current rating is 40 amps, requires a 50 amp fuse (not supplied) to protect the motor from overheating, 30 minute duty cycle. Power cord connection requires minimum 10 gauge, 3 wire cable (not supplied "“ DO NOT EXCEED 15 ft. of cable). Pump kit includes two piece suction tube (1"�x 41"�) which can be easily trimmed to fit your particular installation, 3/4"�x 8"™discharge hose and 3/4"�ball valve.

Oil Transfer Pump Accessory Kit

This accessory kit is included with Oil Transfer Pump P/N 560087. Kit includes a two piece trim to fit suction pipe, 90° Elbow, 3/4"�x 8"™ discharge Hose and Poly Ball Valve Nozzle.

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