20 GPM Filtration Cart w/ Dual In-line Filters EA

20 GPM Filtration Cart w/ Dual In-line Filters EA

Product ID: 33276 Category: PURELUBE Filter Systems Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct

Practical, versatile and reliable are some ofthe ways to describe this Filter/Transfer Cart. Versatile plumbing allows this cart to be used for bulk transfer at up to 20 GPM, as well as filtration, by simply opening and closing a couple of valves. With its well designed features and sturdy construction, this cart is eminently practical. Engineered reliability is evident from the heavy gauge 1"� steel tubing construction, powder coated for durability. Easy maneuverability is assured with 10"� pneumatic tires. Unit is supplied with unique probe/discharge nozzle retainer/drip catch system.

The cart is equipped with a 10'suction hose, 20' discharge hose and 4' suction and discharge probe. Hose and probes are fitted with cam and groove fittings to allow easy connection/disconnection. Probes are easily stored in the handy drip receptacles while the hoses can be coiled on the provided retainers. Optional fluid sample ports may be added before and/or after the filter as desired. Differential pressure gauges are provided to allow monitoringof filter condition.

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