4 GPM Absolute Filter Cart w/ 2 Filters In SRS, 2,000cst Max EA

4 GPM Absolute Filter Cart w/ 2 Filters In SRS, 2,000cst Max EA

Product ID: 33278 Category: PURELUBE Filter Systems Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct

This 115 VAC filter cart is a perfect solution for filtering or transferring light to medium viscosities up to 2,000 centistoke (80/90 gear oil at 500 F) at 4 GPM. The cart is supplied with two high efficiency filters plumbed in series allowing you to cut in half the time it takes to circulate and reduce your fluid cleanliness by one ISO level. Alternatively, you may select a dewatering filter for the first filter and a particulate filter as the second filter, thus solving two problems in one pass. This cart can also be used to transfer fluid without filtration by simply switching two valve positions. When ordering this cart, please specify which filters you would like from those shown at the bottom of page 99, i.e.; 71246-03, 71246-05, 71246-10, 71246-20 or 71246-10W.

3/4"�x 12' suction and discharge hoses are included and have convenient cam and groove couplings at each end to allow easy connection/disconnection. An inlet strainer protects the pump from damage. The Cart is constructed of heavy gauge 1"� steel tubing for strength and powder coated for durability, large 10"� pneumatic tires provide easy maneuverability.

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