Anti-Siphon Valve(s)

Anti-Siphon Valve(s)

Product ID: 605-300-01 Category: Anti-Siphon Valves Vendor: Western Global

Anti syphon valves are recommended for all aboveground storage applications to prevent fuel from exiting the storage tank in the event of a broken line or leak. The anti syphon valve will shut-off product flow when lines are broken, preventing fuel spillage and fire hazards.

Installation Guide:


  • Each valve has an adjusting mechanism accommodating various liquid head pressure settings.
  • Adjusting mechanism is lockable after the preferred setting is made.
  • Valves are set to maximum head pressure when shipped from the factory.
  • Includes built-in pressure relief valve to eliminate thermal expansion of fluid in the lines.
  • Hydrostatic pressure adjusting mechanism with durable weather cap.
  • ¾" and 1" models are ideal for fuel oil and generator applications. Install in vertical position only.
  • Can be used in pressure systems.
  • 0' - 12' Head Pressure


  • Body Material: Ductile Iron-zinc plated
  • Spring Material: Zinc Plated Steel
  • Adjustment Screw: Stainless Steel
  • Disc: Fluorocarbon Seal


  • ULC Listed, NFPA 30



    • 605-300-01 - 3/4" NPT
    • 606-300-01 - 1" NPT
    • 616-300-01 - 1.5" NPT
    • 636-300-11 - 2" NPT 

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