Battery Operated Grease Gun w/ 2 Batteries EA

Battery Operated Grease Gun w/ 2 Batteries EA

Product ID: LD500177 Category: Hand, Battery, and Air Operated Grease Guns Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct

18 VDC Battery Operated Grease Gun

This Liquidynamics Battery Operated Grease Gun combines versatility, reliability and increased power to provide the user with excellent greasing capability. The powerful 18 VDC motor delivers a constant flow of grease at up to 6,000 PSI at a flow rate of 2.4 oz./min. providing reliable and effective lubrication. Complete with carrying case, two 18 V NiCad batteries, battery charger and 42"� flex tube with coupler. Fill three ways, using filler nipple (P/N 500123 sold separately), 14 oz. cartridge or bulk fill.

Note: A unique feature of this grease gun is a pressure release valve that allows easy removal of the coupler after a greasing operation "€œ No more Stuck-On couplers!

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