Bottom Draw DEF Cart, Poly Filter, Resale Meter, 30 GPM EA

Bottom Draw DEF Cart, Poly Filter, Resale Meter, 30 GPM EA

Product ID: 33296-S3 Category: DEF - Mini Bulk Transfer Carts Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct

This is a very capable and compact two wheel DEF mini transfer cart with features that are normally only found in large skid configurations. The cart includes stainless steel plumbing and components in conformance with ISO 22241 specifications and features a 1 micron high capacity poly filter, weights and measures approved meter, with ticket printer, and 30 GPM flow capability. The cart is configured to allow suction via an included 1¼” x 15 suction hose with 2NPTM fitting that can then easily connect to the bottom of a 275 or 330 gallon IBC tote tank for transfer to 55 gallon drums, bulk tanks or another tote. A MicroMatic fill valve is supplied on the 1” x 20’ discharge hose to allow closed system transfer of DEF to any mating container such as 55 gallon drums, IBC totes or bulk containers. The heavy duty two wheel cart with no flat tires is nicely balanced and is easily maneuvered.


NOTE: In order to adequately vent your IBC tote when using a bottom draw/flooded suction you must order separately one of two vent kits: P/N 950392 or P/N 950391.

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