Bracket Kit(s)

Product ID: BK-WG-PBK-OR Category: Bracket Kits Vendor: Western Global

Western Global's Bracket Kits


  • Mounting Brackets
  • All Fittings & Hardware

IMPORTANT: Pump Kits are not universal to every FuelCube or TransCube. Click link below to verify bracket kit will fit your tank & pump.

Pump & Bracket Compatibility Matrix

Bracket Kit(s):

  • BK-WG-PBK-OR - Fill-Rite Models (FR1210HA, FR4210HB, FR610HA)
  • BK-WG-PBK-WT - Fill-Rite Model (FR710VBK)
  • BK-WG-PBK-BL - GPI Model (G20-012AD)
  • BK-WG-PBK-YL - GPI (M-1115S-AU, M-180S-AU, & M-150S-AU)
  • BK-WFR-NX25-NF - Fill-Rite Models (NX25-120NF-AA, NX25-DDCNF-AA)
  • BK-WFR-NX3210 - Fill-Rite (NX-3210B)
  • BK-WFT-5029 - GPI Model (PRO35-115AD)
  • BK-WG-PBK-RD - GPI Models (PRO20-115AD)
  • BK-WG-PBK-OL - Bracket Kit for GPI Model (V25-012AD, V25-024AD)

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