Hose Reels - DEF

Hose Reels - DEF

Product ID: UR7850 OLB Vendor: ReelCraft

Reelcraft introduces its DEF dispensing line of spring retractable hose reels. Designed to aid in the dispensing of Diesel Emissions Fluid (DEF) for late model diesel engines, these reels are an integral part of emerging DEF service stations in marinas, truck stops, and garages.

Product Manual(s):


  • UR7850 OLB - 1/2" x 50' (Complete Reel)
  • UR7900 OLB - 3/4" x 25' Capacity (Bare Reel)
  • UR7925 OLB - 3/4" x 25' (Complete Reel)
  • UR83050 OLB - 3/4" x 50' (Complete Reel)

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