DEF Extractor, Stainless Steel 8 Gallon Tank EA

DEF Extractor, Stainless Steel 8 Gallon Tank EA

Product ID: 24226 Category: DEF - Pumps Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct

This fluid extractor has been designed to remove Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), antifreeze or water from on- board vehicle reservoirs in order to facilitate maintenance. It is extremely easy to operate and maintain and is ideal for use with automobiles, light trucks, generators, marine engines and various other small engines.

According to ISO 22241, DEF that has been removed from a vehicle cannot be reused, which therefore allows this device to also be used to extract antifreeze or water.

Shop air supply at approximately 100 PSI @10 CFM for less than one minute is all that is required to create a vacuum in the 8 gallon tank. Once the tank has been charged with a vacuum, the air supply can be removed, allowing the extractor to be completely mobile. A single vacuum charge is enough to allow approximately 5 gallons to be extracted.

Two 60” flexible probes (7 mm and 8 mm) are supplied with each extractor allowing insertion into remotely located DEF reservoirs via the DEF fill port.

All wetted materials are compatible with DEF per ISO 22241 specifications and are constructed of stainless steel with polypropylene probes.

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