DEF Reel Accessories (hoses/inlet swivel)

DEF Reel Accessories (hoses/inlet swivel)

Product ID: 601092-25 Vendor: ReelCraft

Reelcraft's low pressure, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) rubber hose. Hose diameters are avaliable in 3/4" or 1/2" sizes. Hoses are rated at a 300 PSI Max PSI & 257 degrees Max Operating Temperature.


  • 601092-25 - 3/4" x 25' DEF Hose
  • 601107-50 - 1/2" x 50' DEF Hose

Reelcraft's DEF swivel inlet assembly is constructed with Stainless Steel, have a 500 PSI Max pressure rating, and have Viton Seals


  • 602379-2 - 3/4" NPTF Inlet x 3/4" NPTM Outlet Swivel Assembly

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