DEF Tote System w/ 25´Reel, Auto Nozzle (115 VAC)

DEF Tote System w/ 25´Reel, Auto Nozzle (115 VAC)

Product ID: 970027-02A Category: DEF - Closed Transfer Systems Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct

275 or 330 Gallon DEF IBC Tote system for use with closed system couplers and valves of your choice. This system is designed to be compatible with MicroMatic RSV and EPV series couplers as well as Colder Products DrumQuick Pro couplers. 

*Order an appropriate coupler separately to match your system requirements. 

System includes:

  • 8 GPM, 115 VAC Self Priming Pump, w/ 6 min. timeout feature
  • Electronic Digital Turbine Meter
  • Stainless Steel Automatic Discharge Nozzle
  • 3/4” x 25 Hose reel
  • Tote Mounting Plate and Hardware
  •  Nozzle Holder and Drip Cup

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