Emergency Vent Kit(s)

Product ID: KIT-VENT-05/10TCG Category: Emergency Vent Kits Vendor: Western Global

Western Global Emergency Vent Kit(s) - Includes the necessary Emergency vents, piping, & hardware for applications or jurisdictions requiring this venting in stationary installations. Some kits include extensions pipes.


  • Kits available for Post-2023 tanks & Pre-2023 tanks.
  • Types
    • "TCG" = TransCubes
    • "FCP" = FuelCubes

Available Kit(s):

  • Vent Kits Post-2023
    • KIT-VENT-05/10TCG 
    • KIT-VENT-20TCG
    • KIT-VENT-30/40/50TCG
    • KIT-VENT-100TCG
    • KIT-VENT-FCP250
    • KIT-VENT-FCP500
    • KIT-VENT-FCP1000
    • KIT-VENT-FCP1800-48"
  • Vent Kits Pre-2023
    • KIT-VENT-FCP250-PRE23
    • KIT-VENT-FCP500-PRE23
    • KIT-VENT-FCP1000-PRE23
    • KIT-VENT-FCP1800-48"-PRE23

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