High Viscosity Filter Cart  EA

High Viscosity Filter Cart EA

Product ID: 33277 Category: PURELUBE Filter Systems Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct

For absolute filtration of high viscosity fluids up to and including ISO 680, this is the solution.Two Depth Filters plumbed in parallel provide a large surface area which allows veryslow movement of fluid for effective filtration of particles in the 1 to 3 micron rangealong with water removal of up to 1 gallon of water per element.The heavy gauge 1"� steel tubing cart frame is powder coated for strength and durability,10"� pneumatic wheels provide easy control and movement. Standard equipmentincludes 5 GPM internal gear pump with 2 HP, 115 VAC motor, 1"�x 10' suction hosewith 4' probe, 1"�x 15' discharge hose with probe, cam and groove hose connections,filter pressure gauges and probe/discharge nozzle retainer/drip catch system.

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