Oil Bar: w/ 3-Dispense Point 2-Oil Taps, 2-Meters EA

Oil Bar: w/ 3-Dispense Point 2-Oil Taps, 2-Meters EA

Product ID: 23102G-2M Category: Oil Bar Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct

Oil Bars are a simple and ideal solution for quick and easy dispensing of fluids such as engine oil, gear oil, ATF, hydraulic fluid and 100% antifreeze. Each Oil Bar is supplied with one tap and removable oil drip tray and will accommodate up to three taps and meters. These Oil Bars allow flexibility in mounting to accommodate larger containers as shown below. Oil Bars are designed for use with 1:1 ratio pneumatic pumps which provide adequate pressure for dispensing but not so much pressure that would cause a spraying problem.

The upper and lower section of this Oil Bar may be mounted separately (as shown) or close together, in order to accommodate different containers/applications therefore provides the user maximum flexibility.

Supplied with two oil taps and two meters

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