PureLube Replacement Element, 8" Bowl, 6 Micron EA

PureLube Replacement Element, 8" Bowl, 6 Micron EA

Product ID: 71250-06 Category: PURELUBE Absolute High Pressure Filters Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct


    Purelube absolute Discharge Filters are designed to be installed on the discharge side of 1:1, 3:1 and 5:1 ratio pneumatic pumps and will handle working pressures up to 800 PSI with typical burst pressure of 2,000 PSI. A convenient visual indicator provides a warning when the filter element needs to be changed, a 35 PSI differential pressure will cause the indicator to show "Red". The filter head has 2" NPTF threads to minimize pressure drop and maximize fluid flow. Filter elements are easily changed by unscrewing the canister from the filter head and replacing the element.


    • 6 Micron filter element (ISO Cleanliness ratings of 18/16/14)

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