Spin-on Filter Element, 10 Micron Water Absorbent EA

Spin-on Filter Element, 10 Micron Water Absorbent EA

Product ID: 71246-10W Category: PURELUBE Filter Systems Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct

For use with P/N 33276, 33276-P, 33273-1, 33273-1A, 33273-2, 33273L-2, 33276LL-P, 33278, 33351 and 33352 Filter Systems.

These high efficiency filter canisters are designed to meet afull range of filtration requirements. They use an exceptionally durable and highly efficient proprietary 5 layer synthetic media that assures trouble free operation for all hydraulic and lubrication oil applications. With Beta ratios exceeding 200, pressure rating of 150 PSI (Element diff. pressure collapse) and exceptionally high dirt holding capacities, these elements are the best choice for achieving target fluid cleanliness levels while maintaining high fluid quality.

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