Top Draw DEF Cart, Poly Filter,Non-Resale Meter, 25GPM EA

Top Draw DEF Cart, Poly Filter,Non-Resale Meter, 25GPM EA

Product ID: 33295P-S4 Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct

This economical Mini Bulk Transfer Cart is designed for use in transferring intermediate quantities of DEF, such as from one IBC tote tank to another or to fill 55 gallon drums. At the heart of the system is a 115 VAC, 316 stainless steel, 25 GPM, self priming pump (up to 20'lift capability) that allows DEF fluid to be pulled through the MicroMatic RSV valve located at the top of 275 or 330 gallon IBC tote tanks therefore maintaining "closed" system integrity.

A 1¼"x 15suction hose with attached RSV fill coupler allows easy connection to a MicroMatic RSV fill valve, while on the discharge side of the pump a 1" x 20'discharge hose with RSV fill coupler allows connection to the receiving tanks RSV valve. These fill valves include venting capability on both the supply tank as well as the receiving tank thus ensuring efficient transfer of fluid. An included Electromagnetic flow meter provides flow rate and total indication for inventory purposes. Meter accuracy is approximately +/- 1% and is powered by 6 ea. AA batteries that are field replaceable.

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