300 Gallon Used Oil Tank and D.D. Pump Kit

300 Gallon Used Oil Tank and D.D. Pump Kit

Product ID: 901076-12 Category: Used Oil Tanks Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct

Used Oil Pump/Tank kit includes 300 gallon chute tank P/N 901076-CH shown above along with a 3/4” double diaphragm pump, 3/4” x 12’ suction hose with dry break disconnect and 4 way valve system that allows the operator to evacuate portable oil drains via the suction valve position, or empty the tank by simply selecting the discharge valve position on the 4 way valve. A tank level gauge is also included to allow monitoring of fluid level along with an air filter/regulator to control pumping rate.


Dimensions: 37.5 dia x 63” long x 58” max height at pump.

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