Western Global Fuel Gauge(s)

Western Global Fuel Gauge(s)

Product ID: 23.027 Category: Tank Gauges & Leak Gauges Vendor: Western Global

Western Global's Tank Gauges & Leak Detection. Ideal for showing a visual gauge of tank fluid level or notifying if a leak is detected in the containment area

Rochester Float Gauge(s)

  • 23.027 - Tank gauge for 40TCG
  • 23.032 - Tank Gauge for 10TCG, 20TCG, 30TCG, & 50TCG
  • 8680-01025 - Tank Gauge for FCP1000 & FCP1800
  • 8680-01345 - Tank Gauge for FCP 250 & FCP 500
  • WG-WRFGK - Wire Remote Fuel Gauge Kit for Rochester Gauges

String Gauge

  • 16540 - Afriso 150/250cm gauge with 2" BSP Threads (For 100TCG)

Leak Detection Kit

  • WG-CLDK - Leak Detection kit for TransCubes

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