3/4" Air Filter/Regulator/ Lubricator w/Gauge,230PSI Max EA

3/4" Air Filter/Regulator/ Lubricator w/Gauge,230PSI Max EA

Product ID: 540121C Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct

Aluminum and Zinc die cast construction provides a rugged housing that is compact and modular in design. Space requirements are reduced by combining the regulator and filter in one unit. A large easy to read pressure gauge is provided with each LiquiDynamic regulator. These regulators and lubricators have a maximum operating input pressure of 230 PSI and regulating pressure of 7 - 175 PSI Output pressure. Filter element is rated at 40 micron

Two Unit combo air filter/regulator with lubricator provides excellent water removal efficiency and is rated to 40 SCFM with maximum input pressure of 230 PSI.


  • 3/4" Manual Drain Air Filter/Regulator/Lubricator with Gauge
  • 230 PSI Max Inlet pressure
  • 175 PSI Max Outlet Pressure
  • 3/4" Inlet/outlet

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