Portable Rectangular Tank(s)

Portable Rectangular Tank(s)

Product ID: #4500 Category: Portable Fuel Tanks Vendor: WeMac

Portable Rectangular Tank(s)


  • 119g - 49" Length x 24" Width x 24" Height (14 gauge)
  • 150g - 61" Length x 24" Width x 24" Height (14 gauge)
  • 190g - 61" Length x 30" Width x 24" Height (12 gauge)


  • 1-Compartment
  • 2- Compartment

Tank Includes:

  • Reinforced Top Openings for Pump
  • Openings:
    • 2x - 2" Top Openings
    • 1x - 1" Drain

Optional: 2x Liftings lugs or 2x Anchor brackets can be added upon request

***These tanks are designed and manufactured to be used as transfer tanks solely for private use.  They do not have the necessary features to be used as auxiliary fuel tanks to your truck’s fuel supply system.  These tanks are not intended to be used commercially or for interstate commerce.

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