120Lb Grease Kit w/ 2 Wheel Cart

120Lb Grease Kit w/ 2 Wheel Cart

Product ID: 13051T-S1 Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct

Portable Grease Kit for 120 lb. (16 gal.) Drums. Kit includes sturdy two wheel cart which allows the operator to easily maneuver over obstructions such as hoses, floor cracks and tools.


  • P/N 11174T 60:1 Grease Pump
  • P/N 12138T Drum Cover
  • P/N 12037T Follower Plate
  • P/N 12072T Control Valve w/Rigid Tube and Four Jaw Coupler
  • P/N 12003T "Z" Swivel
  • P/N 81300-12 1/4" x 12 ft. High Pressure Hose
  • P/N 51004C Two Wheel Cart, secures drum to cart at top and bottom of drum

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