35 CFM Desiccant Breather, 5"Dia.x8.0"Tall,1"MNPT Fitting EA

35 CFM Desiccant Breather, 5"Dia.x8.0"Tall,1"MNPT Fitting EA

Product ID: 710103 Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct

5" dia. , 8" tall, 0.9 lb water capacity, 1"Slip Fitting*, 35 CFM Max Air Flow except with NPT fitting.

Liquidynamics PureLube desiccant breathers are a unique, patented air filter and vapor removal system designed to eliminate water, particulate and vapor contamination from entering storage tanks, drums, industrial equipment, transformers and other fluid reservoirs.

Silica Gel desiccant adsorbs up to 40% of its weight in water and turns from gold to dark green to indicate when the breather needs to be replaced. Solid contaminants are removed prior to air entering the water adsorbent desiccant section of the filter by a two micron particulate filter.

Another two micron particulate filter at the bottom of the unit prevents any desiccant dust from entering the storage vessel. Additionally, a layer of activated carbon removes oil vapors, fumes and odors as air is expelled from the storage vessel.

These desiccant breathers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit most any application, the most popular sizes are listed below. Additional sizes and designs are available for applications that require larger quantities of desiccant, metal construction or special connections.

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