420Lb Mobile Grease Kit: 12' Hose

420Lb Mobile Grease Kit: 12' Hose

Product ID: 13070-S1 Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct

Portable Grease Kit for 420 lb. (55 gal.) Drums. Convenient kit allows efficient dispensing of grease for high volume applications. Heavy duty cart has large wheels and tow bar for easy maneuverability and space for addition of hose reel if desired. Retainer bracket to hold pump during drum change is standard.


  • P/N 11195T 60:1 Grease Pump
  • P/N 12160T Drum Cover
  • P/N 12058T Follower Plate
  • P/N 12070C Control Valve with Flex Hose
  • P/N 12003C "Z" Swivel
  • P/N 81300-12 12 ft. High Pressure Hose
  • P/N 51009C Heavy Duty 4 Wheel Cart
  • P/N 540104C Air Filter/Regulator w/gauge

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