800HG-02 (70037) Hydroglass Gas/Diesel/BioDiesel  40GPM 1CASE6

800HG-02 (70037) Hydroglass Gas/Diesel/BioDiesel 40GPM 1CASE6

Product ID: 779609 Category: Service Station,Farm Petroleum Vendor: CHS Warehouse

2 Micron 1 1/2" filter head Hydroglass High Volume Filter.  For Particulate Removal and Water Detection in Gasoline, Diesel, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, Biodiesel Blends Up to B20 and B100.  Max flow is 40 gpm, max working pressure is 50 psi. Filter size is approximately 11" long. 1case6  Use with 50109 adapter

Filter sizes have not changed.
Filter descriptions have been updated to match manufacturer's description.

Filters listed as 1" were formerly 3/4".

Filters listed as 1 3/8" were formerly 1".


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