Combination Vent / Overfill Alarm(s)

Combination Vent / Overfill Alarm(s)

Product ID: #7920 Category: Combination Vent - Overfill Alarm Vendor: WeMac

The audible alarm whistles when the liquid level in the aboveground storage tank reaches the preset level. The pressure vacuum vent allows the tank to breathe during filling and dispensing operations.


  • Functions as both a pressure vacuum vent and audible alarm while utilizing a single 2″ or 3″ tank opening. Installs on the top of the vent pipe, generally 12 feet above grade
  • 105 to 120 decibel whistle alarm (measured at a distance of 1 foot with a fill rate of 90 GPM)
  • Fully mechanical alarm does not require electricity or batteries
  • Alarm level can be set to activate at any liquid level by adjusting the cable length to the float device
  • Minimum fill rate of 20 GPM required for alarm to operate
  • Florida DEP EQ 227 certified


  • #7920 - 2" Combination Vent / Overfill Alarm
  • #7921 - 3" Combination Vent / Overfill Alarm

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