Complete Hose Reels - Oil

Complete Hose Reels - Oil

Product ID: 7850 OMP Vendor: ReelCraft

The Reelcraft Series spring retractable hose reels are very robust and ideal for the most demanding applications. The base and guide arm are constructed from high-grade steel and engineered with structural forms and gussets to yield the greatest amount of strength. 

The new REELSAFE® Series RS7000 hose reel is an expansion of the rugged design that set the industry standard. With safety at the forefront, REELSAFE® pays out like a traditional reel, though is specifically engineered to retract the hose at an average walking speed. The centrifugal clutch, integral to the reel base, greatly decelerates the hose retraction speed by up to 83% vs. a Series 7000 reel.

Product Manual(s):

Complete Oil Reel Models/Capacity

  • 7850 OMP - 1/2" x 50' 
  • 82075 OMP - 1/2" x 75'
  • 82100 OMP - 1/2" x 100'
  • 83050 OMP - 3/4" x 50'
  • A5835 OMP - 1/2" x 35'
  • D84050 OMP - 1/2" x 50'
  • RS7850 OMP - 1/2" x 50'

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