DEF 12V Fill-Rite Tote System DF012CAN520-RP EA

DEF 12V Fill-Rite Tote System DF012CAN520-RP EA

Product ID: 788580 Category: DEF Vendor: CHS Warehouse

The DF012CAN520-RP model is a 12V DC DEF transfer pump. This pump and accessory bundle includes a stainless steel IBC tote mount, RPV coupler, suction hose, discharge hose, automatic nozzle, and all fittings needed for installation.

  • Durable Construction – engineered with multi-diaphragm technology and EPDM seals, this pump excels in daily DEF transfer
  • No Mess Performance – integral pulsation dampener reduces excessive foaming and splashing, keeping your flow smooth and mess minimal
  • No Crystallization – fill the included nozzle storage boot with water to eliminate mess and headaches from DEF crystallization
  • Flexible Installation – convenient IBC tote and drum mounting brackets and included fittings make installation quick, saving you time and eliminating frustration
  • Closed-Loop System – create a completely closed-loop system with the included RPV coupler in many models, enhancing safety and preserving fluid purity

Max Flowrate8 GPM / 30 LPM

Flowrate Range0-8 GPM

Inlet / Outlet Thread Size (in.)1 " / 1 "

Duty Cycle30 min on / 30 min off

Motor Power0.25

Suction Lift (ft.)6 'Max Discharge Pressure38 PSI

Discharge Head (ft.)87 '

Max Operating Pressure (PSI)38

Fill-Rite DEF Manual

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