Rhino DEF Equipment

Rhino DEF Equipment

Product ID: RTT-7101 Category: DEF Accessories Vendor: Rhino Tuff Tanks

DEF Pumps

Built with an electric motor, auto-shutoff timer and no need for a dynamic seal which has created a reliable industrial pump with self-priming capabilities.
    • Voltage 12 VDC
    • Voltage 120/60 VAC
    • Hose tail connection 3/4"
    • Absence of dynamic seals
    • ON/OFF switch
    • 6 ft. cable with clamps
    • Duty cycle 20 min

DEF Reel:

Hose reel is made specifically for use with dispensed DEF through supply hoses. Designed to limit pressure loss and facilitate use with organization.
    • Reduces pressure loss through the proper sizing of the hydraulic system
    • Protective latch mechanism prevents accidental contact with the hands
    • Adjustable arms for easy positioning as required
    • Optional rotating wall support that allows hose reel installation in different positions
    • Hose interior¬† 3/4"
    • 50 ft. hose length

*RSV Suction Tube - Specify Length in Comments*

DEF Nozzle

Automatic DEF nozzle for transferring Diesel Exhaust Fluid

  • Automatic Nozzle without swivel
  • Stainless Steel materials
  • Inlet thread: 3/4" BSP
  • Spout outer diameter:¬† 3/4"
  • Up to 11 GPM Flow Rate
  • Max operating pressure: 50 PSI
  • 5.7 lbs

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