Dial Glass Replacement - Standard Rochester Gauge(s)

Dial Glass Replacement - Standard Rochester Gauge(s)

Product ID: #7000 Category: Dial Replacement Vendor: WeMac

Replacement dial glass for standard 38”, 48”, and 64” Rochester 6583 series magnetic liquid level gauges. Field replacement of dials can be done without draining the tank by simply removing the dial screws, aligning a new dial and re-installing the screws.


  • Easy field replacement
  • 2 screws included with replacement dial glass

Use With:

  • #7100 - 38" End Mount Gauge (Replacement Glass #7000)
  • #7120 - 48" End Mount Gauge (Replacement Glass #7000)
  • #7130 - 64" End Mount Gauge (Replacement Glass #7000)

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