Product ID: E3000 Category: EnviroCubes Vendor: Western Global

A secure, stationary on-site bulk tank for fleet yards or remote locations – proven to drive substantial savings in construction and logistics. The EnviroCube offers the commercial fuel storage solutions you need. Capable of fueling three pieces of equipment simultaneously, the EnviroCube range is ideal for fleet refueling and bulk storage. Maintain cost control, decrease downtime and increase environmental security by choosing the EnviroCube today.


  • Access Manway - Allows easy inspection of inner tank and simplifies routing maintenance
  • Pump Packages - Compatible with Western Global standard dispensing pump package and accessories
  • Custom Solutions - Spare parts available for customized set up, including multiple feed/return, gauging, and submersible pump installation
  • Lifting Eyes - Allows tank to be moved by crane when empty
  • Doubled Walled - Built in, weatherproof secondary containment eliminated the need for pans or basins
  • Forklift Pockets - Quick and Easy maneuvering and mobility while empty
  • Overfill Protection - fitting with UL listed overfill protection device

Ideal Uses & Applications:

  • On-site Fuel Supply - Keep fuel strategically located on-site to refuel construction machinery without having to wait for fuel deliveries
  • Bulk Fuel Storage - Stationary bulk fuel storage provides a backup supply of fuel and helps control cost; buy in bulk when prices are low and watch savings add up
  • Fill More Efficiently - The EnvirCube's multiple ports allow you to fuel up to three pieces of equipment simultaneously
  • Fleet Refueling - In remote locations or on your facility, the EnviroCube can be fitting with all the necessary equipment to refuel your fleet safely and efficiently, reducing downtime


  • UL 142, NFPA, CAN/ULC-S601-07

Product Sales Sheet:

Size(s) - Dimensions L x W x H / Weight (Empty / Full)

  • E3000 - 3014g (116" x 88" x 97") - 6,717 lbs / 26,396 lbs
  • E6000 - 6,390g (228" x 88" x 97") - 10,619 lbs / 52,355 lbs
  • E12000 - 13,703g (468" x 88" x 97") - 19,107 lbs / 107,617 lbs

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