Fluid Extractor

Fluid Extractor

Product ID: 24273R Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct


These fluid extractors are reliable and efficient methods for removing fluids from most any engine, transmission, differential, transfer case or gearbox. They are extremely easy to operated and maintain. Ideal for use with automobiles, trucks, tractors, farm machinery, marine engines, forklifts, industrial machinery, and various other small engines. Fluid Extractors are designed to be used with hot engine oil (104 - 140 degrees F) which allows the oil to move more freely. 

A shop air supply at approximately 100 PSI at 10 CFM is all that is needed to create a vacuum. All extractors are supplied with a set of 6x flexible probes, 3 adapters (to fit Mercedes, BMW & VW), 6' suction hose, and 6' discharge hose. Units are powder coated for durability and long lift

Fluid Extractor with 21 gallon capacity is equipped with a tank level sight, vacuum gauge, 6' suction hose with shutoff valve, 6' discharge hose and a full complement of suction probes and three adapters (to fit Mercedes, BMW, and VW). Vacuum generation time is approximately 3-4 minutes using 10 PSI of shop air. A metal support frame serves to protect and stabilize the transparent bowl and gravity drain tube. Minimum drain bowl height 47" and maximum drain bowl height is 71".

Combines functions of 24176 and 24271R

Dimensions: 17"W x 21"D x 61"H

Empty weight: 80 lb.


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