Grease Pump, 80:1 120 lb Drum Size EA

Grease Pump, 80:1 120 lb Drum Size EA

Product ID: 11374 Category: Air Operated Grease Pumps Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct

A great combination of grease pressure and volume in one pump. With an 80:1 ratio these pumps have the capability to produce 9,600 PSI, enough to free most any "stuck" grease fitting. These pumps also have a large output volume and may be plumbed directly to 3/4" or 1/2" plumbing, minimizing pressure losses. Pumps are powerful enough to push grease to 200 ft. or greater. These pumps may be ordered with "camlock" fittings to allow them to be used with 5,000 lb. grease totes.


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