Heated DEF Enclosures (Single & Dual)

Heated DEF Enclosures (Single & Dual)

DEF begins freezing at 12 degrees. The KleerBlue Tote Enclosures meet the short or long term needs of the end-user by protecting from the effects of warm and cold climates while providing excellent temperature control.

These sleek, affordable units come pre-assembled, providing the ideal tote dispensing environment almost immediately. The enclosures offer two standard versions: a single 330 gallon version and a dual 660 gallon total version. A wide variety of options are available to customize the enclosure to your specific facility, climate and dispensing needs.

Standards & Approvals:

  • Electrical Components - UL / ULC / CSA Approved
    • 115v - 15 amp circuit to supply heater, exhaust fan, tote pump, and an accessory
    • One interior GFI electrical receptacle
    • One exterior gang box with weatherproof cover
    • LED Light


  • Operating Temperatures:  -55 degrees to 130 degrees 
  • Cabinet
    • Housing - Weather resistant enclosure with smooth surface aluminum composite exterior panels
    • Finish & Color - Smooth White
    • Base Frame - Powder Coated Steel
    • Fittings & Hardware - Stainless Steel & Aluminum
    • Joints - Weather Sealed
    • In the event of damage, the modular design ensures panels can be easily and cost effectively swapped out and replaced
  • Insulation & Heating
    • R5 Insulated top & sides
    • R14 Insulated base & frame
    • Forced air heating system
    • Adjustable heat systems (45 degrees to 75 degrees)
    • Visual & audible alarm and color changing display (when system reaches below 20 degrees)
    • Thermostatically-controlled exhaust fan (when system reaches above 80 degrees)


  • Locking hinged side refill access door
  • Locking hinged vertical front dispensing door
  • Locking, removable end panel with grab handles for tote replacement


    • Not only can you store two 330 gallon totes in the dual tote enclosure, KleerBlue offers a dual tote top manifold kit to link the totes together, so they act as a single tank
    • A hose reel stand can be added for a 25' hose reel
    • Units come pre-assembled and pre-wired for a simple turn-key application
    • Forklift access points allow units to be ideally positions and relocated with ease


      • SBD 330TSU-D - 330g Single Tote Enclosure (48" W x 66" L x 76" side wall / 85" Total Height)
      • SBD 660TSU-D - 660g Dual Tote Enclosure (48" W x 132" L x 76" side wall / 85" total height)

      Miscellaneous Parts

      • SBD 2T-CKIT - Tote top Manifolding kit for two totes (Micro Matic equipped totes by others)
      • SBD 920004-22N - Fixed powder coated shelf for hose reel, nozzle boot without mag switch, nozzle boot assembly
      • SBD REEL-H25S - Hannay Spring Rewind Hose Reel with 25' hose & 3/4" NPT Thread - Bottom Roller
      • SBD SSNOZ-7545 - 3/4" NPT Stainless Steel Swivel (suggested for use with hose reel above)
      • SBD POLYFILTER - For Shelf SBD920004-22, A poly filter hosing with 1 micron filter cartridge
      • SBD PPTM-1-110 - 110v Tote Pump with time, 4' suction/20' discharge hose, Stainless Steel auto nozzle, meter, Micromatic RSV Coupler
      • SBD PPTM-2-110 - 110v Tote Pump with time, 4' suction/20' discharge hose, Stainless Steel auto nozzle, NO METER, Micromatic RSV Coupler
      • SBD 920004-28 - Additional 400W Heater
      • SBD 952900 - Upgraded 800W Heater
      • SBD 952718 - Heater Bracket
      • SBD 920176 - Recirculation Fan

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