HUSKY E85 3/4"X10' HW HOSE CP12ET10 EA

HUSKY E85 3/4"X10' HW HOSE CP12ET10 EA

Product ID: 788583 Category: Service Station Vendor: CHS Warehouse

The Husky E85 3/4"x10' hard wall hose is recommended for use with Ethanol blends from E0 to E85. It is resistant to crushing and stands up to run-over. It is highly resistant to cuts, abrasions, sun and weather.

The hose has the flexibility of a softwall and durability of a hardwall. It will not mark or scratch vehicle finishes. The hose material is UL Listed. All curb pump hose assemblies are 100% pressure tested, inspected for electrical continuity and sample pull tested.

Temperature Range -40°F to +180°F

Husky E85 Curb Pump Hose Product Information

Compare to ContiTech Futura Ethan-All E85 3/4" x 10' hose

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