K500 SRS, Preset Elec-Digital Meter w/ RigidSpout/Manual Tip EA

K500 SRS, Preset Elec-Digital Meter w/ RigidSpout/Manual Tip EA

Product ID: 100351-RM Category: Electronic Meters Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct

The K-500 Electronic Preset Meter may be used to dispense apreset quantity of oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, antifreezeand other compatible fluids. It is powered by four, field replaceable1.5V AA batteries. Units of measurement are easily switchedbetween pints, quarts, gallons and liters. The meter flow rangeis 1/4 to 8 GPM with a maximum operating pressure of 1,000 PSIand an accuracy of +/- 1/2%. Preset capability is from 0.1 to 99.9units and may be programmed with up to 5 different frequentlyused preset quantities in addition to quick recall of the last usedpreset quantity. May also be used to show flow rate in gallonsper minute. This preset meter is available with a wide selectionof discharge spouts to fit most any application. discharge spoutmay be positioned at five different angles and tip rotates 90°.Inlet is 1/2"� NPTF swivel.

K500 Meter includes Rigid Spout and 1/4"� Manual Tip; tip rotates 270°

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