LD250 Electronic Digital Meter FlexSpout/Auto Tip/TriggerLock EA

LD250 Electronic Digital Meter FlexSpout/Auto Tip/TriggerLock EA

Product ID: 100200T-FA Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct

These compact and lightweight, electronic digital meters provide the user with a cost effective method for measuring fluids such as engine oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, and 100% antifreeze(ethylene glycol). Two rotating oval gears are used to provide a simple, reliable method of measurement. Meters are powered by two field replaceable AAA alkaline batteries, with a minimum one year life expectancy. Accuracy is +/- 0.5% over a flow range of 0.26 to 8 GPM and maximum operating pressure of 1,000 PSI, inlet is 1/2" NPTF swivel.

The units of measure are shown on the LCD display and are easily changed from quarts to pints, gallons, liters, cumulative total indicates gallons(or liters).

Meter includes flex spout and auto tip with trigger lock - NON-PRESET


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