LG-100-ZR, Grease Meter w/ "Z" Swivel and Rigid Spout EA

LG-100-ZR, Grease Meter w/ "Z" Swivel and Rigid Spout EA

Product ID: 100451 Category: Grease Control Valves and Accessories Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct

The compact and lightweight design of this metered control handle allows it to be used in place of normal, non-metered, grease control handles. 

Grease Meter with Z-swivel and Rigid Spout


  • Inlet: 1/4"
  • Outlet: 1/8"
  • Body: Machined Aluminum body, handle, & gear cover. Steel Control Lever handle contains receptacle for two replaceable 1.5V Standard AA Batteries
  • Meter: Oval Gear sensing elements, easily accessed via front cover held in place by 4x 3mm Allen screws
  • Control Level Lock: Microprocessor controlled with LCD display. Batch total (resettable), cumulative total (non-resettable)
  • Performance:
    • Operating Pressure (max): 7,250 PSI
    • Burst Pressure (min): 14,500 PSI
    • Metering Accuracy: +/- 3%
    • Display:
      • Batch Total (oz.)
      • 4 digits .031" digit height cumulative total (lb.)
      • 4 digits .16 digit height
    • Battery Type/Life: 2x AA / 10,000 hrs.
    • Weight: 2.16 lb (batteries included)
    • Operating Temperature range: 30 - 140 degrees F

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