Mechanical Meter w/ Control Valve, Flex Spout

Mechanical Meter w/ Control Valve, Flex Spout

Product ID: 100395-FA Category: Mechanical Meters Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct

The LiquidynamicsLD25mechanical meter is designed to besimple and reliable and is intended for use with engine oils,gear oils, ATF, hydraulic fluids and 100% antifreeze. Oval geartechnology is used to measure the amount of fluid passingthrough the measuring chamber. The oval gears then drive asimple mechanical counter to provide high accuracy measurementwith low pressure loss. The Ld25 has a 4 digit (999.9), resetablebatch total, which indicates quarts dispensed and a 6 digitnon-resetable, cumulative total, which indicates cumulativegallons dispensed.

A die cast aluminum body provides a strong housing that is ratedto 1,000 PSI operating pressure and 3,000 PSI burst pressure.The control handle features an inlet strainer to protect the valveand oval gears, while a trigger guard prevents accidentalactivation. A "balanced"� valve design reduces trigger pressureand allows gradual starting and stopping of fluid flow. The Ld25mechanical meter is available in a wide variety of nozzleconfigurations to fit most any application, 0.3 - 8 GPM flow range.

Includes Control handle, flex spout, andauto tip

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