QM40-G8N (139000-01) FUEL METR MECHANICAL - 2 to 40 GPM

QM40-G8N (139000-01) FUEL METR MECHANICAL - 2 to 40 GPM

Product ID: 772421 Category: Farm Petroleum Vendor: CHS Warehouse

The GPRO QM40 Mechanical Fuel Meter provides precision fuel measurements for more accurate readings for fleet operations, heavy equipment, and agricultural applications. It features a magnetic drive mechanism that is nearly frictionless, less friction results in more flow, capable of handling flow rates up to 40 GPM. The QM40 easily attaches to the new modular fuel transfer pumps with the Quick-Fit Modular feature, simple four-bolt connections.

Compatible Fuels: Gasoline up to E15/Diesel up to B20/Kerosene

 QM40G8N Manual:

When replacing a QM240-G8N Meter with the QM40-G8N longer bolts are required.

To Order Click Here:  787316 GPI Kit 13950-21 Bolts & Seal


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