Relief Valve Kit, 1", 150 PSI EA

Relief Valve Kit, 1", 150 PSI EA

Product ID: 540045 Vendor: CHS Vendor Direct

Relief Valves Kits for use with 1:1 & Double Diaphragm Pumps

All Fluids are subject to thermal expansion, which can be a significant problem in any shop and the cause of leaks, blistered hoses, dripping meter/control handles, stiff and hard to pull triggers and many other related problems. 

This is especially the case when fluid is pumped from outside or basement locations or when fluid lines are near ceilings subject to heating. Pressure has been measured to increase approximately 43 PSI per degree Fahrenheit in a typical hose reel. These potential over pressurization problems can be easily remedied with the installation of a thermal expansion relief kit to limit fluid line pressure buildup.


  • For 1" discharge Double Diaphragm pumps
  • 150 PSI

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