Rhino Stand Bases, Legs, & Wheels

Rhino Stand Bases, Legs, & Wheels

Product ID: RTT-2300 Category: Stand Kits, Mounts, and Brackets Vendor: Rhino Tuff Tanks

Heavy Duty welded Steel Stands are designed to specifically match Rhino Tuff Tank's contoured tank shape. 1-1/2" Pipe threads to allow the below legs or wheels to easily thread in. RTT-4000 Elbow Kits are easily attached to the front lip of the stand base, creating a convenient oil bar anchor at your fingertips

Stand Base(s)

  • RTT-2300 (Universal Stand Base Only)
  • RTT-2700 (Stand Base Only - For RTT-1111 45g Narrow Tank) 

Legs & Wheel Kits

  • RTT-2041 - 4" Flanged Leg (Eaches)
  • RTT-2181 - 18" Flanged Leg (Eaches)
  • RTT-2241 - 24" Flanged Leg (Eaches)
  • RTT-2361 - 36" Flanged Leg (Eaches)
  • RTT-4740 - 8" Caster Wheel Kit (2x Swivel / 2x Rigid)


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