Supreme Tank Gauge(s)

Supreme Tank Gauge(s)

Product ID: #7908 Category: Supreme Tank Gauge Vendor: WeMac

The Supreme Tank Gauge with its enclosed weather-proof structure is a complete vapor seal. It has no mechanical seals to wear out or to obstruct tape function. The reel assembly is actuated by a trouble-free spring mechanism which eliminates all slack in the measuring tape as it moves up and down with the float. The tape and its graduations are clearly visible through a window in the reel housing.

Note: Pipe and pipe fittings required for installation.


  • For use in Vertical tanks up to 50'
  • No Vapor Loss
  • Accurate
  • Easy to Install
  • Prevents Accidents


  • #7908 - 4" Metal Float
  • #7909 - 4" Stainless Float

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