Three Speed Bulk Transfer Cart w/ PowerMaster EA

Three Speed Bulk Transfer Cart w/ PowerMaster EA

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Designed for the transfer of motor oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, & 100% antifreeze. These versatile pumps offer flexibility, economy, and simplicity. A unique patent gear and rotor design provides for efficient positive displacement pumping. This, in conjunction with a specially designed bypass allows for the transfer of a wide range of fluids up to a viscosity of 4,150 cps.

LiquiDynamics Bulk Transfer Pumps are designed to automatically minimize current draw by responding to increase in viscosity by limiting output flow, thus staying within the amperage limitations imposed by 115 VAC power sources. 

A unique three speed gear box allows this pump to be used over a tremendous range of viscosity ranging up to 3,150 cps. By simply shifting gears you can pump "thin" fluids such as 100% Antifreeze or Hydraulic Oil at 40 GPM, medium viscosity fluids such as 10W30 Motor Oil at 20 GPM or "thick" fluids such as 120 wt. Gear Oil at 10 GPM.

The mobile cart is constructed of heavy gauge 1" steel tubing for strength and powder coated for durability. The cart is supplied complete with 2"x 10' suction hose, 1 1/2"x 15' discharge hose, 1 1/2" manual nozzle and 12 ga. x 25' three wire power cord. An integral 2 1/2 gallon drip catch tank stores any drippage from the suction hose, stinger or discharge nozzle and has a convenient drain valve for draining. Cam and grooves are provided on both ends of the suction and discharge hoses for easy removal of hoses and accessories. Dimensions, 24" W x 24" D x 48" H.

Includes PowerMaster control option.

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