Top Withdrawal High Flow 2-Wheel DEF Cart

Top Withdrawal High Flow 2-Wheel DEF Cart


  • Weights & Measures & NTEP Approved - The TCS 682 SSD Meter is approved for 2-50gpm. Cart allows for flow rates up to 30gpm.
  • Portability - Move unit around a facility or on site for customer tank fueling and/or wet hosing
  • Turn Key - System comes fully assembled and are ready to move DEF upon delivery 
  • Closed System - When used in conjunction with supplied Micro-Matic RSV Fill Couplers, these carts can create a close/contaminant-free environment. (Requires the tote or container to have compatible RSV container valve).
  • Versatile - Carts can be used to withdraw DEF from both the top & bottom of a tank

Meter Specifications:

  • Weights & Measures Approved Meter
  • System Flow rates of up to 30gpm
  • TCS 682 Stainless Steel Piston Meter
  • Resettable Register, Ticket Printer, and Air Eliminator 
  • Optional: TCS 3000 Electronic Register & Bluetooth Ticket Printer
  • Optional: Non-Weights & Measures Stainless Steel Turbine Meter (Non-Resale Applications Only)

Pump Specifications:

  • 1.5" Stainless Steel Self-Priming Pump
  • DEF Compatible Seal
  • 110 Volt 1-Phase TEFC Motor
  • 20' Electrical Cord with Pump Power On/Off Switch

Plumbing Specifications:

  • DEF-Compatible Stainless Steel Valves
  • 1.5" x 10' Suction Hose with 2" Female Camlocks
  • Stainless Steel Air Eliminator 
  • Optional: High Flow 20" Stainless Steel Filter Housing and 1-Micron Cartridge

Dispensing Specifications:

  • 1.5" x 20' Discharge Hose with 1.5" Female Camlock
  • Hose Hangers
  • 2x Micro-Matic RSV Fill Couplers for Closed System
  • 1.5" Polypropylene Fill Nozzle with Male Camlock

Construction Specifications:

  • Pre-Assembled & Pre-Wired
  • Mounted on Hand Cart with 2x Pneumatic Tires


  • SBD-TLC-HFWMFT - High Flow Transfer Cart with W&M Meter, Filter, & Self Priming Pump (~25gpm)
  • SBD-TLC-HFWMT - High Flow Transfer Cart with W&M Meter, & Self Priming Pump (~29gpm)

Miscellaneous Parts

  • 682 15SS3ATD - Less Weights & Measures Meter
  • SBD 682PREST-V - Mechanical Preset & Preset Valve
  • PHC 2SSCOUPLER - Parker Drybreak Stainless Steel 2" Female Coupler
  • CAM F-SS-200 - 2" Stainless Steel Male NPT to Male Camlock

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