TransCube Mobile Refueler(s)

TransCube Mobile Refueler(s)

Product ID: H10TCG-EB Category: TransCube Mobile Refueler Vendor: Western Global

The TransCube Mobile Refueler is designed to be towed to machinery, vehicles and generators and this fuel trailer provides fast mobile refueling, as well as secure on-site storage. They’re proven for use in construction and power generation, and popular in the rental market.


  • Lockable Equipment Cabinet - Equipment and ports are secure and spills are contained. Secure hose access enables fueling while cabinet is locked
  • Corner Brackets - Liftable by crane & easily stackable: two high full and three high empty
  • Double Walled 110% Containment - Built-in, weatherproof secondary containment eliminated the need for pans or basins
  • Internal Baffles - Designed to maximize stability when handling the tank full of fuel
  • Galvanized Frame - Strong, durable, and secure structure with added protection from bumps and scratches
  • Removable Inner Tank - For routine cleaning, maintenance, and inspection
  • Four Way Forklift Pockets - Quick and easy maneuvering and mobility
  • Mobility - Designed around mobility, the TransCube Refueler enables easily refueling around any site
  • Tank Comes with one feed & return block

Ideal Uses & Applications:

  • Highway Fuel Transport - The UN D.O.T. approved trailer features lights and electric brakes for unmatched durability and ease of use. This towable unit offers fuel transport convenience, allowing you to travel at easy between job sites and depots
  • Road Work Requirements - Due to its highway approved design, this tank solution is ideal for road work and work sites that require fuel transportation across highways. TransCube Mobile Refuelers can be towed and quickly moved to machinery, vehicles, generators, and any other equipment
  • Fast Mobile Refueling - The TransCube Mobile refueler is a safe and reliable fuel storage solution for any location that requires quick refueling of any type of construction of auxiliary equipment


  • H10/H20/H30/H40/H50TCG

    Product Sales Sheet(s):

    Size(s) - Dimensions L x W x H / Weight (Empty / Full)

    • H10TCG-EB - 251g (143" x 75" x 75") - 1,910 lbs / 3,898 lbs
    • H20TCG-EB  - 552g (165" x 85" x 75") - 3,028 lbs / 7,408 lbs 
    • H30TCG-EB  - 787g (170" x 98" x 75") - 4,110 lbs / 10,351 lbs
    • H40TCG-EB  - 1,000g 173" x 97" x 86") - 5,283 lbs / 13,627 lbs
    • H50TCG-EB  - 1,200g (173" x 97" x 86") - 6,154 lbs / 16,202 lbs

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