TransTank Pro(s)

TransTank Pro(s)

Product ID: P12 Category: TransTanks Vendor: Western Global

Western Global's P-Series range of stackable fuel tanks are engineered for use on fuel farms and temporary power plants. These industrial fuel tanks are the ultimate solution for heavy-duty, on-demand applications so you can keep operations running smoothly. The TransTank Pro’s modular design delivers large-scale connectivity from an impressively small footprint. When it comes to international power projects, TransTank Pro is our world-beating solution to ensure uninterrupted, environmentally secure fuel storage.

These commercial fuel tanks are easily linked together for extended capacity with optional dispensing systems for fleet operations or the sale of fuel. The TransTank Pro is globally recognized as the best bulk sustainable fuel solution by power generation professionals.


  • Access Hatch - Easy access to inner tank for routine maintenance and cleaning
  • Effortless Connection - Tanks can be linked together for unlimited storage capacity. Perfect for power projects and mining operations
  • Pump Bay - Lockable pump bay that secures all ports and fittings, as well as captures all spills and drips (on standard models only)
  • ISO Container Dimensions - Built to ISO container dimensions, allowing the tank to be easily shipped when empty
  • Under Tank Visibility - Container can be easily inspected without the hassle of lifting the tank
  • Stackable - Tanks can be stacked, reducing storage space requirements (while empty)
  • Double-Walled - Built-in, weather proof secondary containment, eliminates the need for berms of basins
  • Easy Extraction - The sloping floor design forces excess water to the front of the tank where it can be effortlessly extracted

Ideal Uses & Applications:

  • On-Site Refueling - For fleet refueling or the sale of fuel, tanks can be fitting to become complete fuel dispensing and management systems
  • Mining - The TransTank Pro offers an efficient solution for large, on-demand, fuel supply needs for generators and mining equipment
  • Fuel Farms - With their modular design, the TransTank Pro series can be linked together easily to provide unlimited storage capacity
  • Power Generation - Well-suited for the continuous operation of large generators and international power projects


  • UL 142, ULC-S601, AS1940, AS1692, AS1657

Product Sales Sheet:

Size(s) - Dimensions L x W x H / Weight (Empty)

  • P12 - 3014g (118" x 96" x 114") - 9,129 lbs
  • P31 - 8,189g (239" x 96" x 114") - 14,447 lbs
  • P69 - 18,175g (480" x 96" x 114") - 24,696 lbs

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